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Supported Living


What is Supported Living and how does it differ from Care at Home (Domiciliary Care) or Care in a Residential Home and what are the benefits?



Supportive Living or Supported Living is a personalised service created to offer and to provide those with a range of disabilities ways to maintain and enhance their independence and live their own lives with support in their own homes. They have they own tenancy and take responsibility for their own living expenses and bills. Funding is usually through a Local Authority in the form of a Personal Budget.



Their home may have shared accommodation, or be entirely self-contained. The support services are provided by a range of providers and the levels of support are decided with the individual at the core of the conversation. These needs will vary from time to time and include help with budgets and diet and making sure that the individual maintains their physical and mental wellbeing.



The registration and inspection of Supported Living units may vary from those of Residential Care Homes or providers of Domiciliary Care. A Residential Care Home is for those who are unable to cope with independent living and need higher levels of personal care and support. Care at Home (Domiciliary Care) is where the individual lives in their own home, often with family and carers visit at pre-arranged times during the day to enhance the support provided by the family.



Companionship Care



Supported Living can be appropriate for many people with conditions across Learning Disability or with Mental Health issues. It, for example;


  1. People with learning disabilities including Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome.
  2. Neurological conditions such as Epilepsy.
  3. Adults who exhibit challenging behaviour due to communication impairment.
  4. Those with Mental Health issues such as depression, schizophrenia and Personality Disorder