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Fircroft Services Limited

17 Woodcote Valley Road, Purley CR8 3AL

 0208 668 7676

Carlene Home Care - Our Mission


To provide personalised support and care that will enable individuals to live independently in their own homes and to empower them to take control of their lives.



Our Values:

  1. The following principles are embedded in the services we provide: trust, integrity, dignity and respect, fulfilment, the individual's rights and empowerment. We believe every person makes a unique contribution to society.
  2. People with disabilities are treated as valued citizens.
  3. Every individual is involved in decisions affecting his or her own life and is at the centre of their support plan.
  4. Privacy – A person has the right to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion or public attention into their own affairs.
  5. Responsibility - We take responsibility for the actions we take. We also take responsibility if we should make a mistake and we take remedial action and learn from the experience.





  1. To offer a person-centred support to individuals.
  2. To promote the health and emotional wellbeing of individuals.
  3. To support people to access paid or voluntary work.
  4. Support individuals to pursue their interest/hobbies and participate in community activities.
  5. To ensure that people are aware of procedures of making compliments, comments and complaints.
  6. To enable individuals to develop new skills and to become as independent as possible.
  7. To provide a well-trained team of support workers that are sensitive to the changing needs of those they help and support.
  8. To carryout regular quality assurance surveys.
  9. To work in collaboration with Housing providers, Social Services, CQC and relevant stakeholders.
  10. To ensure that each person has a support plan that is outcome-based and reviewed on a regular basis.
  11. To work in partnership with other organisations to enhance people’s lives.
  12. To offer a wide range of personal care and support to enable individuals to meet the agreed outcomes asset out in the support plan.
  13. All staff will have access to a comprehensive range of current policies and procedures that will enable them to deliver a wide range of support and personal care to people.
  14. To deliver a service that is flexible and responsive to improving people’s quality of life.
  15. To enable vulnerable adults to develop skills and confidence when approached by strangers and how to seek help.
  16. To work closely with care managers, advocates, other support agencies, and family members for the best interests of those we work with.
  17. To deliver services within the legislative framework, e.g., CQC, Health & Safety, Employment Law