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Frequently Asked Questions




This is such an important area and one where we are asked many questions, therefore, we have devoted a whole page on this subject. This includes sources of independent advice that you can contact.




Cooking is a real chore and I need a special diet, can you help?


Food and nutrition are always an area of interest to individuals and their relatives and it should not be a concern to either. Our Homes have a fully equipped kitchen and our fully trained and highly skilled cooks prepare fresh home-cooked meals ensuring a balanced and varied diet, including cultural requirements. Residents who have additional dietary requirements such as diabetes or low sodium can have meals prepared to their requirements.





Do you discriminate?


We offer equal and fair access to all eligible people, regardless of gender, family or financial circumstances, race, colour, religion, creed or sexual orientation. We respond to the needs of the individual, whilst promoting diversity, respect and spiritual care.



Are there any restrictions that affect me as a resident?

Apart from your obligations contained in your contract and expectations of common courtesy, restrictions are kept to a minimum. You have the freedom to choose your own lifestyle, so long as this does not infringe on the rights of others. Our philosophy is to make our Homes as flexible as possible. There are no set times for getting up and going to bed. Some residents like to rise early, others prefer a lie in.



Is smoking allowed?


We have a "No Smoking" policy for the health, safety and comfort of everyone. Smoking is only permitted outside in designated areas.





When can my family and friends visit me?


At any reasonable time. We have no visiting hours and you are free to entertain your visitors whenever you wish. This may be in the privacy of your own room or in the communal areas of each home. When visitors call, we will ask you if you wish to receive them before showing them to your room. As common courtesy we will ask visitors to sign in respect the rights of other residents and staff in the Care Home. If you wish for your visitors to have refreshments when they arrive, please just ask.



The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we are working within different regulations and guidelines for visiting. Please respect these, they are for the safety of everyone.



Is there anywhere for relatives to stay?


Our Homes do not have permanent facilities for visitors to stay overnight, however there may be circumstances when the management would like to/need to accommodate such a request. On these occasions, each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.





Can I go out with my family and friends?


Of course - you are free to come and go as you please.



Can I retain links with local community?


Yes. If you are living in a Care Home it doesn't mean that you have to spend all your time here. We wish for you to carry on your lifestyle as if you are living in your own home. If you need any help let us know.





Can I bring my own furniture, TV etc?


Yes. All rooms are furnished for your comfort but we are happy to remove furniture if you wish to bring your own pieces subject to fire regulations. You are encouraged to bring as many personal items and photographs as you wish as this makes your room truly your own. All electrical appliances must be tested prior to use, unless they are new. If you wish to have your own phone line fitted in your room, then this is to be dealt with on a personal level with BT.





How do I receive my mail?


All mail will be delivered to your room daily, unopened.


Wi-Fi is available for the use of devices and staff support to help access this. I-pads are provided.



Do you offer daily newspapers?


Our Home has daily newspapers delivered for the communal areas. If you wish for a personal newspaper this can be arranged through the Manager and your bill for this service will be produced to you on a weekly basis.





Can I keep my own GP?


This depends on the Doctor. If you are a local and have a local GP then there should not be a problem. However, if you have moved into the area, then your GP is unlikely to be willing to travel to see you and you will need to register with a local GP. Staff will be happy to assist you in this instance.



How do I keep my hospital arrangements?


If your relative is not able to accompany you to hospital appointments then we will arrange for a member of staff to go with you. We will arrange the transport to and from the hospital via the ambulance service. It is important to inform us of any appointments as soon as possible.



What happens if I become ill?


You will continue to be looked after in the Home if you fall ill. Should you have to enter hospital, then your room will be kept available while you are there. So far as possible you will be cared for, as you would be at home.



How can I see a Dentist or Chiropodist?


All services which were previously available to you remain so. We have dentists, opticians and chiropodists who visit each home on request. There may be a charge for chiropody and dental care.



Are there hairdressing facilities?


Yes. We have a visiting hairdresser operating in our own salon. If you wish to continue to use your own hairdresser this can also be arranged for a small charge on the remaining days each week. This would need to be booked via the Manager.





What do I do next?


We hope that the information we have given you in this section will help you to make the right decision for you. If you would like to visit Carlene Home, to see for yourself and ask your own questions please phone us on 020 3620 7193 or 0208 668 7676 to arrange an appointment. Or, if you have more questions, simply call or email and we’ll respond quickly.









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