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Carlene House - Accomodation


Carlene House has a range of accommodation which has been specially designed to make people feel comfortable and at home in their surroundings. They are actively encouraged to furnish their own room with personal belongings to build a sense of familiarity and ownership. The bedrooms are tastefully decorated in consultation with those living there, and several bedrooms have en-suite toilet facilities.


As well as providing large personal areas, the House has a spacious lounge where residents can socialise, relax or meet with their visitors.


At the rear of the house, there is a landscaped garden where people can sit or enjoy a spot of gardening.


We provide a relaxed family atmosphere, where each person is encouraged to follow their own preferred choice of activities, tailored to their needs, wants and wishes.


There are frequent day excursions or trips outside to sights of interest or activity as a way of encouraging more social interaction, and physical and mental stimulation.


Our staff provide a traditional and varied menu of nutritious and well-balanced home-cooked meals. All specific preferences, dietary and cultural requirements and nutritional needs of residents are catered for.








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