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Fircroft Services Limited

17 Woodcote Valley Road, Purley CR8 3AL

 0208 668 7676

Carlene Home Care - Facilities


We provide services to individuals who need support with




Personal Care

  1. Support with personal care /personal hygiene/activities of daily living.
  2. Support with administration of medicines


All support to tenants is provided within a person-centred care and fully risk assessed and documented approach.



Household Services


  1. Laundry, ironing, changing bedding and other domestic tasks.
  2. Household work, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of bathroom, kitchen and other tasks within their house.



Practical Support

  1. Shopping
  2. Menu Planning, food and cooking preparation
  3. Support with dietary requirements
  4. Bill payments and budgetary management support
  5. Monitoring and supervising compliance with medication
  6. Emotional difficulties (informal counselling)
  7. Telephone support
  8. Support with social skills
  9. House keeping



Accessing health care professional and other agencies

  1. Registering with GPs, Dentists, and Opticians etc.
  2. Arranging and attending appointments as escort or companion
  3. Liaising with social workers, care coordinators and other representatives
  4. Liaising with external professionals



Social Support

  1. Befriending and chatting with people and their guests
  2. Organising social events and holidays
  3. Support with faith, religious and cultural observances
  4. Maintaining contact with family and friends
  5. Voluntary work
  6. Access to adult education
  7. Leisure activities in the local community
  8. Social inclusion



Partnership Working

Carelene Home Care has a growing range of agencies that it liaises and co-works with, a number of examples are listed below and we are happy to discuss these in detail, and the number is growing.




  1. CAP (Christians Against Poverty) -
  2. London Futures -
  3. Local church groups
  4. The work fit programme with the Downs Syndrome Association (DSA)
  5. Choice Support