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Carlene House - Facilities


A wide range of services that are person-centred are available for those living here and these take their wishes and preferences into consideration.




  1. People may be registered with a General Practitioner (GP) in a local practice, or may retain their existing GP if practical.
  2. Individuals are encouraged to retain and maintain their cultural and religious faiths and beliefs. Worship may be arranged at local churches of various denominations, or representatives from those faiths may visit Carlene House if so wished.
  3. Arrangements exist for residents to take part in the running of the House. Residents' Meetings are held at six-weekly intervals, as are meetings of the Women's Group. At these meetings, residents are invited to discuss matters relating to the House, including meals, outings, living skills rotas, annual holidays, personal development etc. The Residents' brochure (available on request) gives further details.
  4. All meals are prepared on the premises from fresh ingredients. A choice of menu is provided for main meals. Menus have been prepared with reference to nutritional experts to ensure a balanced diet. Special diets or cultural preferences are catered for.
  5. Personal laundry services are catered for on the premises. Local dry-cleaning services are available for items requiring more specialised attention.
  6. Visitors are welcome at any reasonable time. At this time, please respect Covid-19 guidance and rules. Please consult with the Registered Manager before visiting.
  7. Many other personal services are provided by local practitioners, including dentists, podiatrists, hairdressers, opticians, aroma therapists, etc. An additional charge may be payable for some of these services.
  8. Individuals are welcome to bring personal possessions or items of furniture to the House, subject to fire regulations.
  9. Residents, their relatives/carers/advocates and staff will be invited to submit their appraisal of Carlene House as part of a Quality Assurance system.
  10. Residents have keys to their own rooms and also have a locked drawer within their room. Staff are expected to respect the privacy of residents at all times.
  11. Residents can attend the Community Support Service during the day. Activities take place at a resource base including the new Resource Hub constructed in the home grounds. The Community Support Service offers a varied activity programme focussed upon the needs of the individual. The activities are geared towards promoting independence, self-worth and working with each individual to achieve their goals. The hub is available to limited numbers to ensure that we maintain Infection & Protection Control Guidelines are maintained.



Leisure activities


A relaxed family atmosphere is encouraged, with provision for a wide range of leisure activities. If required, assistance is provided for individuals to pursue existing hobbies and interests and to learn and develop new ones. A comprehensive programme of activities and entertainment is planned each month with residents, incorporating their preferences.



Sample Activities:

  1. Shopping in the community
  2. Social interaction in the community
  3. Disco and club nights out
  4. Swimming
  5. Visits to local, London and other attractions
  6. Theatre, cinema and shows
  7. Arts and crafts
  8. Birthday party celebrations
  9. Trips to the seaside and the country
  10. One-to-one person-centred activity chosen by the resident
  11. Cooking and living skills to promote independence
  12. Horse riding
  13. Holidays abroad