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Fircroft Services Limited

17 Woodcote Valley Road, Purley CR8 3AL

 0208 668 7676

Our Mission


Our Values and Mission


The aim of the Fircroft team is to provide the support and care our residents need to achieve maximum independence, dignity and self-esteem. Each individual resident is at the core of our person-centred service delivery. Feedback from residents and stakeholders is actively sought to aid our continual quest for higher quality and a more comprehensive care and support provision



Positive Care


It takes time and effort to really get to know and work with each individual resident, their background, their likes and dislikes. This in turn creates bonds of friendship between the individual and the staff who support them. These relationships help us anticipate needs and ensure that our clients experience the quality of life they deserve and provide them with services such as diet and exercise and stimulation to ensure their levels of mental and physical wellbeing are maintained.



Caring with a Passion


Support is available 24 hours a day with a regular staffing team providing continuity of care. However, to supply the best care, we need and have well trained and experienced staff. To achieve this, every staff member goes through continuous training linked with appraisals and regular supervisions to ensure the highest quality of care, in line with the needs of the individuals, best practice and innovation.





We are here to enhance quality of life and provide the appropriate support in a personalised way. To achieve this, we use continuous assessment so that as needs change, we adapt our support accordingly. In addition, we communicate openly with individuals, their family members and those others they wish to have involved, keeping all concerned up to date and involving them with proposed changes to the individual’s care plan.



Social Life and Leisure


Activities, along with physical and mental stimulation are essential stimuli for the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone. We strive to make lives fulfilling by supporting these activities and a wide range of social interactions within the community, working with social groups and volunteers. This in turn helps to enhance independence, self-esteem and creates enjoyable experiences and broadens horizons.



Meal Preparation


Meals are a vital and important part of everyone's life; dining is a social occasion to be shared with friends and family alike. All our menus are nutritionally checked and our food is freshly prepared according to personal choice and preference, in consultation with each individual and this takes into account their personal and cultural preferences and dietary needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Pleasant Environment


As part of our commitment to facilitating wellbeing and a sense of place we constantly review the facilities and layouts of our properties, not only to ensure high standards of maintenance but also to provide an enjoyable, homely and inviting environment within which to live.











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